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About Dokstar

About Dokstar

The Exclusive HR consultants to Hospitals providing Medical Doctor Placement support world over. A Global Recruitment platform for Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers, Pharma and Drug companies seeking talented and dedicated Medical Service personnel. An online job portal for Doctors, Physicians, Surgeons, Specialist, Consultants seeking medical jobs and Career Success.

This job portal was started with the sole purpose of supporting world's most respected profession - Medical Doctors - in their quest to bring solace to the needy. We specialize in guiding our clients with career options from around the world. Our most important asset include passion,  personal commitment and extensive professional network. Our values is extended to every discussion, decision and behaviour. It's not only what we do that matters but also how we do it. 

We are committed to fostering a long term relationship with our clients and strive to help our community with means that support a well-balanced quality of life. The candidates while registering online do have an additional option of keeping their specific details out of public domain and this would provide the much needed privacy, if they need the same.  

The founding partners of medicareerconsultants.com, being involved with Rotary International since decades, are committed to steer the organisation based on the four pillars of the Rotary movement. We would use the Development of Acquaintance as an opportunity for service; maintain high ethical standards in business and strive for international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship united in the ideal of service. Decades of experience in consultancy, Human Resources and senior management cement this bond.

Hospitals and other organisations in the health sector are welcome to register online with their present as well as future Job openings. Our strength in the subject / Industry knowledge and world wide network are being used to create and maintain an exhaustive database of GPs, Physicians, specialists and consultants and these are updated on a day to day basis. At Medicareer Consultants LLP, we assist and help the hospital and Clinics with their doctor recruitment needs.

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